Let it shine. And dealing with airlines.

Having been chased around the US by snow and storms for a week (and having to deal with various potential flight disruptions) it’s so nice to get off a plane in SFO and not need to wear a coat. Nice view of the bay, although I’m certain the landing planes can see in my hotel window.

Except I’m now warned that there might be snow when I get home…

I recently advised Matt about handling flight issues:

  • Don’t get stressed about cancellations. There’s no point.
  • Have a plan. The airlines like it if you can tell them what rebooking would work best for you. They may not be able to achieve it, but it’s often easier for them rather than having to negotiate a bunch of alternatives.

I did give him a third piece of advice that was rather more specific:

  • Don’t book a trip that only has a 45 minute connection time in Chicago, especially when the 2nd flight is the only one for 8 hours. It might be legal, but you WILL miss it at least 75% of the time and the rebooking will not give you as good a seat choice.



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