Music Archive

This page is a catalog of some of my compositions.

Date Title Comments
2019-12-05 MetalChain This was written to provide the backing to a video about the new MQ Blockchain Bridge.

For the technically minded, the percussion track was written to continually add things, a bit like the Blockchain ledger. (Though the final version runs through that process twice to make the necessary length.)

2019-10-25 Slow(ish) March No particular comments on this one.
2019-10-19 Uhe Waltz This came out of exploring the presets with a couple of new synths I’d bought – the u-he Zebra2 and Repro.
2019-09-09 Prometheus Counting Another video backing.

This includes a “live” bass guitar track (had fun working out the cabling needed to get that recorded). One mix included a real brass section that I recorded one instrument at a time, but I decided it made things too thick, so I stuck to synth brass.

2019-09-05 Accidental Plagiarism This started out as a pleasant-enough chord/bass improvisation. Nothing special but perhaps it would inspire something. Unfortunately, when I started to put a melody on top, it began to sound a little familiar. It’s a bit jerky because once I got to this point I didn’t bother cleaning up the performances. And now I can’t think of any other tune to go in there.
Broken Chords:
Add a melody:
2019-05-27 Omni1 I had just bought the Omnisphere soft synth and this started out while exploring its preset sounds. I particularly liked the guitar that shows up in the middle section here. Though I did end up using other instruments too.
2019-01-30 MQ CBT I was working on a video, and it was mostly silent so needed something behind it. I had a deadline for delivery of the video, and didn’t have long to think about what to do for the soundtrack. Rather than use “library” music, I decided to have a go, and this was my first real use of Studio One as a DAW.
2016-01-01 MQ Theme My first public composition – a short phrase used at the start of a number of MQ-related videos. Originally created with Sonar, but later recreated in Studio One. The full background to this piece is in this post.

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