In Brazil again

But this time I am at the Morumbi Hilton. A lovely hotel, with an outstanding staff.

So on the plane down here a lovely young woman sat in the center seat of the “economy comfort” row. We started talking, and she is part of a group coming to Brazil for an MBA project. She’d never been before, so I helped her fill in her immigration forms and answered some questions. 3-4 days in Sao Paulo, then 3-4 days in Rio for her group. The excitement just radiated from her.

I had to tell her about the hotel, the only time in my traveling life where I felt I had to put furniture against the door. Cautioning her to stay with her pack, her team, her group.

When we arrive in Sao Paulo, I realized I not told her one critical thing. In Brazil, you do not flush the toilet paper. So I told her. and her incredulous laughter rang out. “I am so glad I met you, it’s like traveling with my mom only not judgmental.’

Is that a compliment? Is it awful that I do not know?


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