Beating Hobbits, and “an expected journey”

I know it’s been a long time since I put anything new up here. Partly because things have been busy, partly because there’s not been much to say.

But now we’re getting back into conference and travel season. SHARE is going on right now in Anaheim, planning is well underway for Impact, several other public events and customer-specific briefings are also going on.

But here’s a couple of travel stories to be going on with.

First one is how I think I beat the hobbits. Most people know about their second breakfasts. But on a recent journey I managed three breakfasts in one day, with no intervening meals. First was on an overnight flight from Brazil to JFK, served a couple of hours before landing; then (because I didn’t know whether I’d get fed properly on the next flight) in the lounge at JFK; finally (because I did get upgraded) served on the JFK/LHR day time flight. That daytime flight is very nice as it arrives in Heathrow late evening, making it easy to go straight to bed and sleep ready for the next day.

Second story is more about a lack of a journey. About 6 weeks ago I agreed to do a workshop with a customer in Kiev. Almost immediately afterwards, the situation there deteriorated and so that’s not going to happen now. A manager did tell me (and I’m reasonably certain he was joking) that IBM security would issue me with body armour. I suggested that they also run some training course on the firing range that’s somewhere round the back of the IBM Hursley main building …

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