Draft MQ V8 book now public

It’s been 4 solid weeks of writing text and running tests. Always a scramble at the end, and there’s always more that you can think of writing.

But now the MQ V8 book is available in draft form for review and comments.

MQ V8 Cover

We had something that looked like a book after about a week, but with loads of “todo” sections and other placeholders (but at least enough to see a structure). Those blocks were filled in over the rest of the residency, with many pages appearing in the last few days. This one is now about 320 pages in total – at the beginning, I was asked to estimate the size and thought it would be about 250-300 pages. So I wasn’t too far off using the typical software estimation process aka guessing. Not that pagecount really matters unless you want to print the book and annoy other users of the shared printer.

This time the residency was in Hursley, so not everyone needed to travel and live in hotels. But even those of us from the lab had to move a bit – we camped in a different building for the duration so we could all be together and making it harder for other people to find and interrupt us.

Now it’s back to the day job … at least until comments come back on this draft.


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