MQ Bridge for Blockchain

MQ V9.1.4 has just been announced with an updated Bridge for Blockchain component. This is designed to make it very easy to integrate MQ applications with the latest IBM Blockchain service.

The Bridge for Blockchain has underdone several evolutionary steps, as the underlying Fabric service has been enhanced, with changing APIs. But the basic idea has remained constant.

It is intended to enable integration of business processes, many of which may already be using MQ, with a Blockchain service. MQ applications can query and update  objects stored on the Blockchain ledger without needing to know details of how that is done – they can just continue to use the common request/reply pattern of processing MQ messages.

How messages flow through the bridge
The MQ Bridge for Blockchain

A video showing the new version in action has been uploaded to YouTube.

You can find more information about the Blockchain Bridge in the MQ KnowledgeCenter.

And from that video, the music soundtrack is separately available on this site!

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