More flexibility for user management in MQ

A new option in MQ 9.2.1 on Unix/Linux platforms gives more flexibility in user management, with no need to make operating system definitions for application users. This post describes why you might want this, how you can use the option and gives a simple example to demonstrate it. Note that this does not apply to Windows or the MQ Appliance.

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MQ API Exits – FAQ

In the past few months I seem to have been been sent a bunch of questions about MQ API Exits from a variety of developers. Some of the questions were repeated so I thought I’d try to collect them, tidy them up, and turn them into an FAQ article.

API Exits were originally made available for one platform in MQSeries V5.2 and then extended to the rest of the Distributed family in V5.3 so they have been around for a while.

Exits are an advanced topic and I’m not planning on going into much general information about these exits. I will assume that someone interested in this article already knows the basic principles and is comfortable working in this environment. For more information on the interfaces see the KnowledgeCentre and the sample amqsaxe0.c exit.

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