MQ and Node.js: an update to the TypeScript interface

I recently wrote an article about new TypeScript bindings for the MQ and Node.js interface. Version 0.9.21 of the MQ Node.js interface includes an update to the TypeScript definitions that can assist further in writing correct programs by describing how MQI flags or bitfield parameters are set. Showing how this new capability works was a bit too long to simply add to the original article. So I’ve written this piece.

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MQ and Node.js: working with TypeScript

MQ application programs for the Node.js environment can now use TypeScript definitions. This brings the opportunity to compile and check your JavaScript programs for correctness before running them. This post will talk more about what TypeScript is and how it can help your MQ Node.js development activity.

Substantial credit for the API definitions and translations of the example programs needs to be given to Andre, who submitted a Pull Request to our github repository.

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