Accidental Plagiarism

This started out as a pleasant-enough chord/bass improvisation. Nothing special but I hoped it might inspire something.

Unfortunately, when I began to put a melody on top, it was sounding a little familiar. It’s a bit jerky because once I got to this point I didn’t bother cleaning up the performances.

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Show, don’t tell. MS0P education on youtube.

I’ve just released a new version of SupportPac MS0P V7.1.0.2 containing a couple of new features. This package started out as my attempt to learn Java programming and it did one thing only, formatting MQ event messages into readable text from within the MQ Explorer.

MS0P Event Formatter

Over the years it has grown into a collection of utilities, still mostly for the Explorer, but all aimed at making it easier to use MQ. Although the package contains documentation, we all know how much people read the books (at least it’s not an InfoCentre format). And so I decided to produce video demonstrations as an alternative.

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