Real audiences

Over the last week, I’ve been working at my first real conference in 2.5 years. SHARE was held in Columbus, Ohio. And we had a full agenda of MQ sessions.

A full week of MQ + ACE

Some of these were new sessions, never given before in-person (and at least one had never been done in any medium – we were still working on the slides right up to the last minute).

Dorothy gets ready to talk to what became a full room

It was so good to be able to see people again, to catch up on all the things you don’t get to talk about with online events. And to get immediate feedback on what we’re talking about, take digressions, see how the jokes land … I’ve done lots of webex presentations since I was last on the road in Fort Worth, but a real audience is so much better.

Reception with beers and build-your-own burgers

We had planned to send 3 people from Hursley, to join some of the WashingtonSystems Center speakers, but one had to drop out at the last moment which led to session-shuffling. Not a big problem, just one of the things we have had to deal with over the years.

Even the travel was “pleasant” – once I got on the plane, it immediately felt normal. The time off seemed to melt away.

Already planning the next SHAREs … Hope to see even more people at them.

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