Storm Avoidance


I was due to fly to New York this weekend, but unsurprisingly the meeting got cancelled. It will be interesting to see just how long it takes for my credit card to get refunded for the ticket – taking money out seems very fast but for some reason the other direction is incredibly slow.

But I’m glad I wasn’t in the air for this one. I was just talking with a friend who flew home through Miami 2 days ago and he said it was the worst turbulence he’d ever experienced. (Matt doesn’t travel as much as some, but he does do enough to have some idea of “normal” bumpiness.)

It reminded me of this supposedly short flight that I was on a few months ago.

It was just 40 minutes gate-to-gate on the outbound journey. We realised something was odd on the return when already we’d been in the air an hour and the pilot announced “Only another 40 minutes to go …”. Once we landed, I went to and got a copy of the track we’d actually taken.


Flight track for MKE-MSP
Flight track – Milwaukee to Minneapolis

The storm we avoided there looks nasty enough (and it was still rather bumpy on the descent) but nothing like Sandy seems to be.


One thought on “Storm Avoidance”

  1. New York is still a mess. I live on Long Island (the ‘burbs). We took a direct hit. Almost all the trees on Wellwood ave (this beautiful tree-lined street) are snapped or up rooted. Unfortuately, the same is true for much of the rest of LI. And we’re not even going to talk about the coastal areas.

    Multiple NYC tunnels (railroad, car, & subway) are still filled with water. Parts of the NYC subway system won’t be up and running for 6 months to a year – my guess.

    All in all, good thing the meeting was cancelled.

    – Don

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