From the sublime to the not so much

A guest post from Lyn, who does even more MQ-related travel …

Traveling to exotic locations can be a rewarding experience.  It can also be quite painful.  In performing a WMQ for z/OS health checks (aka looking at SMF data until eyes are far too bloodshot) I have had the opportunity to go many lovely places.  I would never have gone to Brazil, Malaysia, or Arkansas if I’d not been doing this.

On this particular trip, I had the opportunity to go to Rio de Janeiro.  How just the word Rio conjures up exotic beaches and beautiful people in many minds!  Tall and tan and young and lovely…..It did in mine.  It certainly did in mine at the JW Marriott on Copacabana beach.

That is a beautiful hotel, even though my room only had a view of the atrium, it did not matter.  There was an air of loveliness throughout.  Beach views along the front, magnificent breakfast buffet, excellent restaurants and a very helpful staff.

But…but…they ran out of the corporate rate rooms today.  So I had to move.  I had hopes.  I hoped that I would be moving to a hotel unlike the Mercure in Brasilia.  And in some respects it is.

It smells like mold.  I can hear someone taking a shower – above me?  Below me?  It sounds like it is IN my room.

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