Snippet 3 – Converting between MQRFH2 and properties

There are preferred MQI functions for dealing with message properties. But sometimes you may have requirements for converting between MQRFH2 and properties. This post came out of a question posed by a developer on another IBM product. Oddly, it was the same product (though a different person) that prompted a previous Snippet. And I was able to use the same basic framework from that test to demonstrate how simple it can be.

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Decoding MQI constants

On Twitter, Michael asked: “any logic or hints on how to interpret the PCF parameter names returned as multiples from the” Which is a very good question but a proper answer is far too long to type there. There are several different ways that you can approach the problem, depending on what you are trying to do. So this post talks about decoding MQI constants.

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Warning: is it an error

Something I dealt with recently in independent exchanges with several different people was about programming with IBM MQ, and dealing with MQI errors that might not be errors. This post is a short discussion about the not-quite-failed status of a warning. Is it an error? What is the difference between MQI errors and warnings?

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