Updates for MQ metric exporters

The MQ metric exporters are a set of Go programs that deliver queue manager statistics and status to databases such as Prometheus and Influx. They have recently been updated, giving more consistent function and a much easier configuration. This post will explore and explain these changes.

For an introduction to these exporters, see some of my earlier posts in this blog.

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Calling IBM MQ from Go applications

Go is a language created at Google and made available as an open-source project. Although originally designed for building reliable large-scale distributed applications, its general-purpose nature and the collection of interface packages provided in the core language and from other projects has helped it become popular for a much broader set of applications.

In this article, I’ll show how Go programs can make use of IBM MQ, permitting Go applications access to the services provided by MQ-enabled applications, with an API that is more natural for Go programmers than some of the elements in MQ’s C API.

Find out how to use the MQI bindings for Golang

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