MQ Metrics with OpenTelemetry

As I promised in a recent article, I am coming back to the OpenTelemetry topic. This time, it’s going to be about another pillar of the observability requirements – integrating MQ’s metrics with OpenTelemetry.

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Handling MQ logs and events with OpenTelemetry

One recent addition to the plethora of observability tools is OpenTelemetry. It attempts to provide a vendor-agnostic set of common APIs, components, interfaces and protocols that enable interoperability between a range of other tools. It deals with three major pillars of telemetry data, the things you often need to look at when monitoring systems: traces (by which it means application-level data flows), metrics, and logs.

There are already ways of tracking messages through an MQ network and beyond, reporting via OpenTelemetry. And I will soon be talking a lot more about MQ metrics and OpenTelemetry. But as an appetiser, this post shows the third piece of the story: logs.

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